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Configuration life cycle management so that products and services are optimally configured from cradle to grave through configuration software.


Financial consolidation and reporting fully automated through a Software-as-a-Service platform in the cloud.


Fully digital workflow of business-critical documents through a Software-as-a-Service platform in the cloud.


Digitizing innovation and growth through a Software-as-a-Service platform in the cloud, based on startups and scaleups.

Our Portfolio

Configit A/S was founded in April 2000. Andersen Advisory Group A/S joined as a shareholder in 2007 at which time the company received a double digit MDKK funding from all shareholders. The majority shareholding was sold in 2016 to Polaris, however with Andersen Advisory Group A/S continuing as a significant minority shareholder.

The company develops configuration software which is based on more than 10 years of research in formal verification of hardware and patented software.

Today, Configit has a staff of highly skilled people with MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. Configit is domiciled with a head office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with two offices in the US as well as offices in the UK, Germany, India and China.

The Configit Suite handles huge product models with billions of possible and correct combinations and extracts them into a very compact format, called a virtual table file, which is typically very small. Thereby the file can be embedded in industrial and other types of equipment, allowing correct, fast and cost-effective implementation or installation. Moreover, the software and the applications developed help customers build the bridge between product and sales functions by providing software tools for guided selling.

The company has developed advanced software specifically suited to support mass customization through CLM (Configuration Lifecycle Management).

In 2014 Configit acquired 3DFacto A/S and has subsequently launched its Configit Build suite of services.

Konsolidator A/S was founded in 2014. Andersen Advisory Group A/S joined as a minority shareholder in 2016.

Konsolidator has developed a cloud-based financial reporting software helping businesses consolidate data across all entities in order to make consolidation simple and inexpensive, e.g. for monthly performance reporting, for budgetary purposes, for submission of annual financial statements, etc.

Konsolidator became stock-listed at the Nasdaq Copenhagen First North on the 10th of May 2019. The initial price per share was 8.8. The share has ever since performed over and above this initial share price offering.

Penneo A/S supplies digital workflows in various industries, notably within auditing, real estate, legal and HR, based on its patent pending software platform. As an example, the company’s platform manages to fully digitalize the auditor’s workflow from processing approvals of management statements, compliance documents, guarantees, tax accounts, regulatory statements and other documents culminating in the yearly accounts.

Penneo became stock listed at Nasdaq Copenhagen in June 2020. Andersen Advisory Group A/S was at the time the largest shareholder. ApS excels in curating talent and innovation in the specialized segment of startups. Furthermore, supplies matchmaking between startups and investors, banks, VCs, etc.

Valuer has developed an advanced platform to accommodate the startup/scaleup collaboration with large, global corporates. Furthermore, Valuer has developed a complete transformation from former analogue/physical workflows to purely digital workflows when it comes to innovation. This way, Valuer is powering the emerging digital innovation economy.

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